Please do not litter. Cigarette butts are the most common and glass bottles are the most dangerous forms of litter. Trash not only affects but can also kill birds and other marine life; trash that goes farther out into the ocean has grave consequences as well.

Please use a restroom. Urinating in the water can also be considered littering, an act that has disturbing repercussions that cannot be reversed when done in large quantities. Please use a restroom.

Avoid beach bluffs. These areas are very unstable and pose safety hazards.

Please keep pets on a leash. Controlling your animals will reduce the disturbance to the wildlife in the area, as well as allow for easy pet cleanup. Leashes are especially important at Goleta beaches due to the presence of the endangered snowy Plover.

Avoid fenced areas. This will steer you away from treading on sensitive habitats and causing damage to both beach ecosystems and yourself. By entering sensitive fenced-off habitats, not only can you damage the vegetation on cliffs, it can become a safety hazard to yourself and people below you.

Watch out for children. It’s their beach too!

Alcohol ban. Alcohol is not allowed on IV beaches from Del Playa’s 6500 block to sands beach. Call santa Barbara County parks Dept. to obtain a permit: (805) 568-2461. See “KNOW THE LAW” for more information.

Please pick up your trash. Bring as little as possible with you and make sure to take all your belongings with you when you leave. Trash bins can be found at each beach entrance.

There is almost nothing better than a day at the beach. In order to make sure we can continue to have great beach days, please follow these simple guidelines. When at the beach make sure to take everything you brought with you away with you, and if you see trash around you pick it up instead of just walking past it. Being a responsible beach-goer will ensure that our stunning beaches will be there for years to come.