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Ellwood (R) Beach: Rugged beauty with a butterfly habitat in Eucalyptus forest on bluffs above.

Sands Beach: Scenic nature reserve. Good for bird watching and beautiful sunsets. The foggiest and windiest beach with lots of tar on the beach. Don’t park at West Campus you’ll get a ticket.

Devereux: Located on West Campus, this beach is great for walking, snorkeling, tidepooling, and offers easy access.

Isla Vista: Local character, little sand on west end. Accessible at low tide, easy stair and ramp access. Be aware of erosion hazards.

Depressions: Close to campus. Crowded on sunny beach days. Offers good body surfing.

Campus Point: Protected from West wind, tidepools, shower/restrooms, and metered parking.

Poles: Most protected and hidden with a secret stairway.

Goleta Beach County Park: Life guards, fishing pier, restaurant/bar, picnic spots, firepits, horseshoe pits, calm conditions, ample free parking.

Surf Breaks

River Mouth: Fast but fickle churning sandy bottom.

Sands: Great for wind swells and is a good high tide beach break. Be cautious of large rocks. It’s a peaky crowded break that blows out early and closes out on larger swells.

Devereux: Popular, fickle, sectioning, kelp-infested, slow mushy long-board style winter point break. Occasional size on larger swells.

Jailhouse/ Yucca’s: Protected from wind this is a slow and mellow break during large swells.

I.V. Reef: Low-tide large swell mystic reef with long rides.

Pescadero/ IV Beach: Rocky bottom that rarely breaks but can it be glassy and push small barrels.

Depressions: Small hollow peaks, short punchy tube ride, breaks in shallow water.

2nd Depression: Consistent hollow fast lefts that are normally uncrowded.

Campus Point: Classic point break with juice, takes medium and large swells, protected from West wind, 2-3 take-off spots, crowded pumping or flat.

Respect the Beach

Clean the Beach: Cigarette butts are the most common and bottles are the most dangerous. Pick up beach litter instead of walking by it.

Leash Pets: Especially enforced at the Plover Reserve to help reduce disturbance to wildlife. Official off-leash beach is Arroyo Burro Beach to the south.

Tread Lightly: Avoid areas fenced to protect sensitive habitats.

Fires/BBQ: Fires are illegal on most beaches.Charred remains dirty the beach and cause hazards. BBQs are available at Goleta Beach County Park.

Use Campgrounds: Three legal campgrounds are up the coast. They are Refugio, El Capitan, and Gaviota.

Parking: Special permit needed at Coal Oil Point, paid permit or meter for main campus enforced 24 /7.

Get Involved: Join Surfrider, become a plover docent, or just spread the word.